Hannah & Ed booked me for their wedding photography at Weston hall some time ago. Hannah works in the wedding industry so when I got this booking I felt really privileged as I would imagine she comes across 100’s of photographers.
Weston Hall is just down the road from my studio and a venue I love working at, the staff are great and the Hall and grounds are perfect with a good variety of locations for your wedding photographs.
The weather wasn’t great to start but eventually got better so we still managed to get out and have a walk around the grounds. It’s always worth bearing in mind when choosing  a wedding venue that they can accommodate for indoor photographs should the weather be really against you. Don’t get me wrong you can get some awesome images even on a wet day but a plan B is always good.
Hannah and her Bridesmaids got ready at the venue so I headed to the room to get some of the details and document some of the bridal preps, I then made my way out to capture Ed arriving in the Italian job mini’s with the ushers and best man.
This was a fun filled day from start to finish and a real pleasure to work for Hannah and Ed on their epic wedding.
Here are a few snippets from the day…..